TenPoint TX 440 Crossbow: The Most Technologically Advanced Compact Crossbow

TenPoint TX 440

In the realm of crossbow technology, TenPoint Crossbows stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence. With a legacy spanning 30 years, the brand continues to push boundaries with the unveiling of its most technologically advanced compact crossbow yet: the TX 440. Let’s delve into what makes this crossbow a game-changer for hunters and enthusiasts alike.

Unparalleled Speed and Precision

TenPoint TX 440

Prepare to be astounded by the TX 440‘s remarkable speed and precision. With a staggering velocity of 440 feet per second (FPS), this compact powerhouse delivers lightning-fast arrow flight, ensuring maximum impact on your target. Equipped with Twin-Riser Technology (TRT), the TX 440 minimizes riser flex by 70%, guaranteeing unrivaled down-range accuracy with every shot.

Precision Engineering for Optimal Performance

TenPoint TX 440

At the heart of the TX 440 lies a commitment to precision engineering. The newly developed TriggerTech Trigger, featuring Zero-Creep Technology™, offers a crisp and precise trigger pull, enhancing accuracy and shot consistency. Combined with the innovative AR-Style Ambidextrous Thumb Safety, the TX 440 ensures effortless operation, allowing shooters to always maintain focus on their target.

Revolutionary Features for Enhanced Functionality

TenPoint TX 440

The TX 440 is packed with revolutionary features designed to elevate your hunting experience. The rail-less design, coupled with the ZERO-Trac Barrel™, reduces friction and vibration, resulting in smoother and quieter shots. The ACU-Lock™ Scope Bridge, 25 times stronger than traditional scope rails, maximizes accuracy and durability, setting new standards in crossbow technology.

Effortless Cocking and De-cocking Mechanism

TenPoint TX 440

Say goodbye to cumbersome cocking mechanisms with the TX 440’s patented ACUslide MAXX™ system. Engineered for strength and reliability, this revolutionary technology simplifies the cocking process, ensuring smooth and effortless operation with minimal effort. With the Auto-Brake Gear System, the TX 440 eliminates the risk of injury or bow damage, offering peace of mind during every hunt.

Ready for Action, Straight Out of the Box

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The TX 440 comes fully equipped with everything you need for a successful hunt. From the precision-engineered crossbow to the premium accessories, each component is designed to work seamlessly together, ensuring optimal performance in the field. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a novice archer, the TX 440 is ready to take your hunting game to the next level.

Specifications and Pricing

Speed: 440 FPS

Dimensions: 28” Short (w/o stirrup), 6.5” Narrow

Weight: 7.2 pounds (w/ACUslide MAXX)

MAP: $2,499.99 – Vektra Camo, $2,399.99 – Moss Green

Crafted with Pride in America

TenPoint TX 440

As with all TenPoint Crossbows, the TX 440 is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation.

In conclusion, the TenPoint TX 440 redefines the standards of compact crossbow innovation, combining speed, precision, and functionality like never before. Whether you’re chasing big game or honing your archery skills, the TX 440 is your ultimate companion in the field. Experience the power of precision with the TenPoint TX 440 – the epitome of compact crossbow excellence.

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