The New Stealth Cam Flashback Cellular Trail Camera

To White Xenon Light and The Best Full-Color Nighttime Photos

This year, forget infrared. Stealth Cam, the leader in trail camera technology research, development, and evolution for more than two decades, pays homage to the tried-and-true technology behind cameras that capture full-color nighttime imaging. With their all-new Stealth Cam Flashback Cellular Trail Camera, Stealth Cam™ stands firm in their commitment to deliver the best, most technologically advanced trail cameras available today. Complete with a tried-and-true white xenon flash, this cam breathes new life into the technology that does nighttime photos best and fills a large void in today’s market while it’s at it.

Photo of Whitetail Buck from Stealth Cam Flashback

The traditional white xenon flash enables this all-new trail camera to capture full-color images any time of day or night and delivers photos that are intensely sharp and defined, even if the subject is in motion. Stealth Cam’s Flashback takes this tech a step further, emitting a short-duration flash of white light when activated and delivering nighttime imagery in stunning clarity right to your phone—both in real time and on demand—via integrated Command Pro app functionality.

Man adjusting Stealth Cam Flashback on tree.

What’s more, the device can be set up and positioned in a variety of ways, ensuring users get the most out of the 80-foot detection and flash range in the environments their target species call home. This means outdoorsmen can create an adaptable set to ensure they’re getting the whole picture down to the finest details. Not only does this simplify identifying the nocturnal species captured in each photo, but it also delivers a full color image that’s far crisper and of superior quality than what any infrared device available on the market is capable of capturing.

Photo of Wolf from Stealth Cam Flashback

Stealth Cam Flashback Specs:

In 2024, white xenon flash technology is back and better than ever, thanks to Stealth Cam.

Other specifications of the all-new Flashback Trail Camera include:

• White xenon flash

• 40MP photos (4MP / 8MP / 16MP / 40MP)

• 1-2 photo bursts

• 0.4s trigger speed

• 2-59sec/1-59min timeout delay

• 80ft detection and flash range

• Command PRO app compatibility

o On Demand photo capability

• 16pcs battery tray

• Integrated multi-position mount

• Camera latched with python cable provision

• ¼-20 threaded insert

• Powered by 16 AA batteries (not included)

• Compatible with Stealth Cam rechargeable battery cartridges (sold separately)

• 12V DC auxiliary jack for use with external power packs

For more information about the all-new Flashback trail camera and other Stealth Cam products, click here.