Getting Odors Out of Your Hunting Clothes

by Wade Middleton

Spraying Atsko Odor Destroyer on Hunting CLothes

When it comes to getting odors out of your hunting clothes before heading into the woods, I personally try to take every opportunity that I can. While knowing that I can’t totally eliminate odors, I can try to lessen them to gain a minor advantage at times. 

One of my first strategies is washing my clothes in detergent that helps lessen or eliminate odor. Then I like to place my clothes in Ziploc bags and put them in a scent control bag, I then try to never take those clothes out or into a hunting camp unless I have to.  I’ve stripped down and changed into my hunting cloths on side of road a lot in my day. 

After I get dressed, I then spray myself down with my chosen scent killer. Now, I know what you might be thinking; some hunters have successfully taken down impressive deer with a lit cigarette hanging from their mouth. However, on the flip side, there have been hunters who’ve been smelled by deer several hundred yards away. After I arrive at my spot I deploy a mix of items from Conquest Scents such as Evercalm or VS-1.   These are both cover and attractant scents.

I believe it’s simply a matter of taking advantage of what’s available to you to help reduce your scent profile, so to speak, in your favor. Whether I’m trying to conceal a camera guy in my hunts or when I get the chance to hunt solo, I want to stack the odds in my favor as much as possible while I’m out in the field.

Play the Wind

Playing the Wind is crucial. My strategy to do so is using as many things as I can to tip the scales in my favor. My goal is to hopefully keep a whitetail or other game animal from smelling me. The obvious plan is to play the wind and keep it in your favor but since deer and other game tend to not follow a script on what direction they come in from, you have to expect something to come in downwind at anytime and catch our scent.

We also all know that the wind will switch and swirl on us as well carrying whatever foreign smell there is in a direction that we don’t want it to go. I avoid hunting in risky stands unless it’s the last possible moment when bow hunting. We know deer are likely to come up close and personal often less than 10 yards away.

Furthermore, even as a rifle hunter, when you’re targeting deer at long distances, you can never be certain when a doe might sneak up on you while you’re focusing on your target buck 200 yards away.

But when your buck is at 200 yards and that doe suddenly spooks at 20 yards and blows, it alerts everything in the area and your hunt is over.  

Washing Your Hunting Clothes

ATSKO Sport-Wash Laundry Detergent

I use ATSKO Sport-Wash ZERO laundry detergent to ensure my hunting clothes come out of the washer without any scent such as the flowery smells my wife loves. My wife and I argue about this all the time. She says, “That’s not cleaning your clothes!” and I respond with “I’m not trying to make them smell minty fresh; I’m trying to eliminate all minty scents.”

After they’re done in the washer and dryer, I place them in Ziploc bags and then put those Ziplocs in my scent control bag.

Prepping Your Clothes in the Field

Hunter Spraying ATSKO Scent killer on clothing

Spraying your hunting clothes down is another important step. When I arrive at my hunting camp, I spray all my clothes with a scent killer. I particularly like ATSKO Zero N-O-DOR Oxidizer Spray. This time proven product deodorizes clothing, hair, skin, and all wettable surfaces quickly and safely. It does so by permanently oxidizing all organic molecules into odorless, non-volatile compounds, essentially destroying them.

We do a lot of early-season hunting where we start sweating even before climbing into the stand. Even in Texas, where we primarily hunt, it can still reach 90 plus degrees in December! In such situations, I want to use every advantage I can even if it’s just giving me a minor advantage while sweating in a tree stand I’ll take it.

Scent control can lead to spirited debates at deer camp, with everyone having their different opinions and views. But if I can increase my odds by 5, 10, or 15% to avoid getting spotted, I’m going to do just that.

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Mastering the Art of Hunting Around Rub Lines

Rub line

When it comes to hunting whitetail deer, success often hinges on understanding their behavior and the strategies that allow you to capitalize on it. One such strategy, which many seasoned hunters swear by, is hunting rub lines. In this guide, we will unveil the thoughts and even secrets behind this highly effective technique, ultimately helping you become a more skilled and successful hunter.

Understanding Rub Lines

rub line on a tree

What Are Rub Lines?

Rub lines for the purpose of this article are essentially paths or trails in the woods where bucks leave their mark, both literally and figuratively. These paths are distinguished by the telltale signs of rubbed trees, scrapes, and occasionally, deer droppings. The rubs are the result of bucks marking their territory and asserting dominance, which plays a crucial role in the whitetail mating ritual. They often are not along a well-worn path and can occur almost anywhere that a buck feels the need to make a rub or a scrape, however there are often in corridors that numerous bucks use to travel to and from feeding areas, bedding areas, water or a combination of all of those.

The Science Behind Rub Lines

Whitetail bucks rub their antlers against trees to mark their scent using the glands on their forehead. This action serves to strengthen their neck muscles and can also be used as a show of dominance. This fascinating behavior provides invaluable insights into deer patterns and their territories, which can be exploited by hunters to increase their chances of a successful hunt.

Why Hunt Using Rub Lines?

ConQuest Scents VS-1 on a rub line

Predictable Patterns

One of the most compelling reasons to utilize rub lines in your hunting strategy is that deer often tend to follow consistent paths. These paths become well-established as the deer move between feeding, bedding, and breeding areas. By identifying and monitoring rub lines, you can anticipate the direction whitetail are likely to travel, often see more deer and place yourself into position for a successful shot.

Uncover Territory Boundaries

Rub lines are also often thought mark the boundaries of a buck’s territory. Bucks will actively mark their territory by leaving more rubs in their core areas, making rub lines a crucial indicator of where you might find your target buck or other bucks. By identifying and following rublines, you can narrow down your search and increase the likelihood of encountering your more bucks as it’s not uncommon for more than one buck to rub on the same tree.

Enhanced Scent Luring

Rub lines are often accompanied by scrapes, which are patches of ground where deer have pawed and left their scent. By setting up scent lures in these areas, you can also increase your chances of drawing a buck to your location. This strategic use of scents can be a game-changer in your whitetail hunting success which many do by making mock scrapes.

How to Hunt Whitetail Using Rublines

hunter looking at a rub line

Scout and Identify Rub Lines

Before the hunting season begins, many seasoned hunters will scout a hunting area to identify old rub lines. Look for rubbed trees that have healed or even remnants of old scrapes and use them as indicators of deer activity. Consider using trail cameras to monitor these paths and collect valuable data on the movement of deer. When in the season itself look for fresh rubs on trees that have recently been made in an area and use those tell tale signs to help you make decisions on where to hunt.

Set Up Stand Locations

Once you’ve identified the rub lines and understood the patterns, it’s time to set up your stand locations strategically. Choose spots that offer a clear line of sight to the rub lines while keeping wind direction in mind to remain undetected. Pay attention to your scent control to prevent alerting the deer.

Timing Matters

Whitetail hunting is as much about timing as it is about location. Bucks tend to be most active during the rut at all times of the day.  This can be a prime time to hunt along rublines. It’s when they are most likely to be moving, marking territory, and seeking out does and often not as wary.

Patience and Persistence

Hunting along rub lines requires patience and persistence just like any style of hunting. Deer movement can be unpredictable, and bucks might not always follow the exact path you’ve anticipated so be prepared to adjust…Stay committed, and don’t be discouraged by a few unsuccessful outings. It often takes time to master this hunting technique and the more experience you get the more successful you’ll be and the only way to get that experience is more time in the woods hunting and learning. 

Time To Hit the Woods

In the world of hunting whitetail, rublines have played a role in many successful hunts. Learning to read them and how to hunt them can significantly improve your chances of a successful hunt. Understanding the behavior and patterns of these magnificent animals is key to becoming a skilled hunter.

By scouting, setting up stand locations, timing your hunts correctly, and maintaining patience and persistence, you can add the art of hunting whitetail using rub lines to your skill set and enhance your overall hunting experience. So, gear up, hit the woods, and get ready to put your newfound knowledge to the test during your next whitetail hunting adventure. Happy hunting!

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 Garmin Unveils Xero C1 Pro Chronograph 

 Shot velocity made simple, small and stunningly accurate


Xero C1 Pro Chronograph

Garmin today announced the Xero® C1 Pro, a pocket-sized chronograph that accurately measures projectile velocities from 100 to 5,000 feet per second. Remarkably fast and simple to set up, Xero C1 Pro features a button-operated design and intuitive user interface. Thanks to the new ShotView™ smartphone app, comprehensive velocity data is organized and easily accessible directly from the user’s phone. 

“With the Xero C1 Pro, Garmin is proud to introduce a new benchmark for chronograph technology. Combining performance and reliability into a pocket-sized package, this highly adaptable device represents the innovation and accuracy that has become synonymous with Garmin engineering. Just shoot and immediately receive speed data and statistics for that string of shots. Simply put, gone are the days of cumbersome, fussy chronograph setups and missed shots.” – Dan Bartel, Garmin Vice President of Global Consumer Sales 

Accuracy through Innovation 

Xero C1 Pro Chronograph

In addition to bullets, Xero C1 Pro can capture velocity data for arrows, crossbow bolts, shotgun slugs, and paintballs – as well as airsoft devices. During a shooting session, Xero C1 Pro will display the speed of the projectile and shot count, average speed, as well as standard deviation and extreme spread after each shot. 

Once the session is complete, the unit will provide an on-screen Session Summary including the minimum, maximum, and average speed of the shots, as well as extreme spread and standard deviation. Users can even customize the display to show Power Factor and Kinetic Energy when projectile grain weight is entered. 

Compact and Easy to Use 

Xero C1 Pro Chronograph

Smaller than a deck of cards (3” x 2.8” x 1.4”) and weighing just over 100 grams, the chronograph is small enough to slip into the pocket of a range bag. Xero C1 Pro is range-ready, rain or shine, due to its button-operated design, IPX71 water-resistant rating, and sunlight-readable, high-contrast display. And, thanks to a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, users can get data for up to 2,000 shots on a single charge. 

Dedicated ShotView App


After a shooting session is complete, the device will automatically sync with the new ShotView app. This easy-to-use app provides shot data in organized data fields for rapid interpretation. Shot data includes speed, deviation, extreme spread, kinetic energy and more. Users can mark shots as clean/cold bore as well as exclude outliers from session calculations. In addition, users can create custom names for each session and add detailed notes for both specific shots and the entire session. 

Users can set their sights on a Xero C1 Pro chronograph now for a suggested retail price of $599.99. To learn more, click here

The New BlackOut Distinct Compound Bow

We shot and reviewed a lot of bows over the past two decades and one thing I can say without question is to find a bow that fits you and your style, so as you read this and watch the video keep that in mind. Recently we had a chance to look at a new powerhouse combination of performance and adjustability, the BlackOut® Distinct Compound Bow Package. Right off the shelf, this price point package bow offers an ultra-smooth draw cycle bowhunters will love.

Lightweight Design

Hunter in camo drawing the BlackOut Distinct bow

The BlackOut Distinct Compound Bow Package is the latest bow from Bass Pro Shops & Cabela’s, known for its high quality and versatility. The BlackOut Distinct Compound Bow is designed to be lightweight and easy to handle. Weighing in at just 5 pounds, this bow’s compact 31″ axle-to-axle design makes it easy to carry and maneuver, making it a great option for hunting from a tree stand, ground blind, or thick cover.

Adjustable Draw Length and Weight

BlackOut Distinct product image

One of the standout features of the BlackOut Distinct Compound Bow is its adjustable 18″-31″ draw length and 25-70 lbs weight. This allows archers to customize the bow to their specific needs and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and accurate shot every time.

Smooth and Quiet Operation

Hunter drawing aiming with the BlackOut Distinct bow

The BlackOut Distinct Compound Bow is designed to operate smoothly and quietly, with an 85% let-off allowing hunters to hold their bow at full draw longer without getting fatigued. The bow’s cams are designed to provide a smooth draw cycle with a pleasant dead-in-hand feel on every shot.

High-Quality Accessories

BlackOut Distinct Accessories

The BlackOut Distinct Compound Bow Package comes with a range of high-quality accessories, including a 3-pin sight, BlackOut 5-arrow quiver, BlackOut Biscuit arrow rest, a Trophy Ridge stabilizer with a sling, Tru Peep, and a D-loop. These accessories are designed to enhance the performance and accuracy of the bow, making it a great value for the price, and allowing you to walk out of the store field ready for your next hunt.

The BlackOut Distinct Compound Bow Package is the latest bow from Bass Pro Shops & Cabela’s, known for its high quality and versatility.

In conclusion, the BlackOut Distinct Compound Bow Package is a great option for hunters of all levels and interests. Its lightweight design, adjustable features, smooth operation, and high-quality accessories make it a versatile and high-performing bow at great value.  

How to Break-In and Practice With a New Handgun

by Wade Middleton

Preparing and practicing with a new handgun is essential for any new firearm owner. For me personally, this could mean a lot of things from adding and learning new sights, how new grips feel, adjusting the trigger pull, and of course, spending time shooting with it. It’s all a process that takes time however, it’s a fun and enjoyable journey.  

Step 1: Clean and Lubricate the Handgun

man cleaning handgun

Before you start to practice and literally begin the break-in process, I suggest you make sure your handgun is clean and lubricated. This is especially important for new handguns because they may have excess oil, grease, or other residues from the manufacturing process. Use a cleaning kit to thoroughly clean the gun and apply a light coat of lubricant to all moving parts. I find this process very enjoyable and a great way to get used to the new handgun and how it feels in my hands(I also find myself daydreaming about upcoming hunts I may be able to do with that gun as well).  

Step 2: Purchase the Right Ammunition

handgun moon clip

When learning about any new firearm, it’s important to use the right ammunition. I suggest doing some research to see what various manufacturers are saying as well as other shooters and hunters. Finding the right ammo often takes time to ensure you know what will perform the best. Shooting and practicing allows you to see what ammunition gives you the best groups and patterns. This process allows you to choose the best ammo for the game you’re hunting.   

Step 3: Shoot the Gun

man aiming handgun on gun range

I suggest you begin by firing a few rounds at a time, gradually increasing the number of rounds as you go. This allows you to be more comfortable with how the handgun is shooting and how you’re shooting with it. Start at 5-10 yards and slowly work out to longer distances as you become more comfortable.  

I also think spending time shooting in a variety of positions that you’ll encounter when hunting, is another key aspect to learning about a new handgun. 

When you do this, you’re building muscle memory so that at the moment of truth when hunting ,everything will not be forced but very comfortable to you and as second nature as it can be.  

Step 4: Clean and Inspect the Handgun

revolver handgun

After each shooting session, make sure to clean and inspect your handgun. This helps to ensure that the gun continues to function properly and that any excess dirt or debris is removed from the firearm.

Step 5: Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!

man aiming handgun

Practicing with a handgun is an essential step for any new firearm owner. It helps to ensure that the gun functions reliably and smoothly, and it also helps to extend the life of the firearm.

By following these simple steps, you can break in your handgun properly and safely. Remember to always follow proper safety procedures when handling firearms and to consult the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific firearm.

And finally, Smith & Wesson has a great video resource with over thirty new educational videos for both new and experienced firearms owners that we highly recommend you watching to improve your firearm knowledge and skillset.

Recommended Gear:

A Hunting Mom’s Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if your mom is an avid hunter, it can be challenging to find the perfect gift. You want to show her how much you appreciate and support her passion for hunting, but you also want to get her something that is unique and useful. To help you out, we’ve compiled a gift guide for hunting moms that will make them feel special and loved.

SHE Outdoors Camo

SHE Outdoor® delivers field-grade women’s hunting clothes tailored to the female form and ready to live up to high expectations and active lifestyles. The SHE Outdoor adds a wide range of Base Layers, Pack and Bags, Footwear, and Accessories, all with performance-driven design and cutting-edge features that do everything but compromise. Check out the full line of SHE Outdoor Products here.

Hearing Protection

Whether the Mom in your life is out in the woods, hitting the shooting range, or getting in a workout, a bluetooth neckband headset may be the perfect gift for Mom with an active lifestyle.

Walker’s® Flexible Bluetooth® Neckband Headset combines passive hearing protection with Bluetooth wireless connectivity to listen to your favorite tunes or make phone calls. Durable aluminum ear buds feature high-dynamic-range speakers for vivid sound. Built-in rechargeable battery powers the headset for up to 15 hours on a full charge; 4 hours while Bluetooth streaming. Camo 22.5″ nylon cable stays concealed in the field and the flexible construction resists tangles and excessive twisting. Magnets keep the 2 ear buds connected when worn around the neck and not in the ear. Walker’s Flexible Bluetooth neckband includes 3 pairs of foam ear buds (S/M/L), 12″ USB charging cable, and EVA storage case.

Can’t Go Wrong with a Tumbler

An Engel Coolers tumbler is an excellent gift for all Moms out there. It’s a practical and useful item they can take with them on their hunting trips or when they’re hanging out in the back yard that will keep their drinks hot or cold for hours.

Engel Cooler’s 22 oz, stainless steel, vacuum-insulated performance mugs are built to keep your cool in the harshest conditions. Taking advantage of the latest vacuum technology, these cups perform better than any competitor on the market.

Whether you’re bringing a hot or cold drink along for the ride, the Engel “Ketch-It” lid will ensure you enjoy your drink, not wear it. The liquid-tight seal keeps your drinks in the cup when the boat bounces, the truck swerves…or you just happen to execute a perfect-form elbow-sweep and take that cup from vertical to horizontal in the blink of an eye. AND…that you can shake up that drink that requires…a little shakin’

ConQuest Scents EverCalm Scent Combo

The ConQuest® EverCalm® Deer Herd Scent™ Stick and Stink Stick Combo Pack has what you need to calm spooky deer down so they’ll come within shooting range. Deer Herd Scent includes scents from bucks, does and fawns from actual deer bedding areas where animals feel safe and relax their guard. The combo pack comes with one Deer Herd Scent Stick, similar to a stick of deodorant, that you can wipe on clothing, gear, or branches; and a Stink Stick Dispenser with 3 wax-stick refill tubes allows you to hang the same calming scent where the breeze will catch and disperse it. The EverCalm package can be used as both a cover scent and as a deer attractant.

Introduce Her to Hunting

For the mom in your life that wants to get into hunting, the Umarex Air Javelin can be just the introductory tool needed to get her into the woods!

This all-new arrow rifle comes equipped with 3 Umarex AirJavelin arrows with Straight Flight™ Technology, fiber optic sights, adjustable stock, and ambidextrous, straight, pull bolt action. Driven by an 88g capsule of air, the Umarex® AirJavelin™ can reach velocities of up to 300+ fps and 34+ fpe. Lightweight and versatile, the Umarex AirJavelin is more than a new way to shoot arrows, it is a great way to open up archery fun for the whole family.

No matter your budget or your mom’s hunting style, there are plenty of unique and thoughtful gifts you can give her to show your love and support this Mother’s Day. Whether it’s some new hunting camo or a new arrow rifle, your mom is sure to appreciate the effort you put into finding the perfect gift for her. So, go ahead and make this Mother’s Day one to remember.

Happy Mother’s Day!

How Turkey Hunting Makes You a Better Deer Hunter

Turkey hunting and deer hunting are two popular activities among avid hunters.  It’s not uncommon to find hunters across North America who are as passionate about one as they are the other. By spending time in the woods doing both you can become a better hunter by simply paying attention to what you’re seeing and doing when doing hunting either deer or turkey. 

Sharpen Those Woodsmanship Skills

Hunter carrying turkey back from turkey hunting

Turkey hunting requires a high level of woodsmanship skills, as hunters need to locate and stalk their prey in a variety of cover.  These skills translate directly to deer hunting, as both activities require hunters to navigate through the woods and locate their target animal. By honing your woodsmanship skills through turkey hunting, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the terrain come deer season and you’ll often have a better sense of the locations deer are using in certain seasons.

Scouting and Observation

hunter sitting while turkey hunting

Turkey hunting also requires scouting and keen observation skills to locate areas where turkeys are active and pay close attention to their behavior patterns. These same skills are essential for deer hunting, as hunters need to scout where deer are active and pay close attention to their movements and behavior patterns. Using your time during turkey season you can also keep an eye for deer sign as well. By honing your scouting and observation skills during turkey season, you’ll be better equipped to find and track deer during the fall hunting season. Often times during turkey season you’ll find rubs you didn’t know about, trails deer have been using as well as other sign that clue you in where deer have been wintering.

Calling Techniques

hunter using a turkey hunting call

One of the most important skills for turkey hunting is the ability to use a call to get those gobblers attention. Turkey hunters use a variety of calls to mimic the sounds of turkeys, to bring them into range. In some instances, hunters will use calls during deer season, as deer can be lured into range use grunt calls, rattling, and doe calls. Turkey calls take time to master. If you practice your calling techniques during turkey season, you can translate that sense of discipline to your deer calls to get that big buck to come in. 

Turkey Hunting Helps with Stealth and Patience

hunter aiming while turkey hunting

Turkey hunting also requires a high level of stealth and patience, as hunters need to remain still and quiet for extended periods while waiting for that Big Tom to come in. Once that Tom comes in, just like buck fever, your heart rate skyrockets and you begin to shake. Practice calming yourself down during these situations and control your breathing to make a good clean shot. These skills are also essential for deer hunting, as deer are notoriously skittish and are easily spooked by sudden movements or loud noises. By practicing patience and developing a stealthy approach during turkey season, you’ll be less likely to catch the eye or a weary buck or skiddish doe.

In conclusion, turkey hunting can be a valuable tool for deer hunters, providing opportunities to hone essential skills such as woodsmanship, stealth and patience, calling techniques, and scouting and observation. By practicing these skills during turkey season, you’ll be better prepared and more effective during the deer season. So, if you’re a deer hunter looking to improve your skills, consider getting out in the woods to go after some turkeys!

Recommended Gear

Garmin inReach Messenger – Review

The Garmin inReach Messenger is a very popular tool among hunters, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts who need reliable communication in remote areas. This easy to use device, provides reliable communication in even the most remote areas when cell phones don’t have a signal. Users can stay in touch with friends and family, share their location, and call for help in case of an emergency. In this article, we’ll look at the features and benefits of the Garmin inReach Messenger.

Two-Way Messaging

One of the key features of the Garmin inReach Messenger is its two-way messaging capability. You can send and receive text messages and emails via the Garmin Messenger App.

The Garmin inReach Messenger uses a cellular connection to your smartphone when available, then seamlessly switches to a 100% global Iridium® satellite network when you go beyond cell coverage. To access the global Iridium network and communicate with your inReach Messenger device, an active satellite subscription is required. You can opt for an annual package or a flexible month-to-month plan. This makes it a valuable option for outdoor enthusiasts who need to stay in touch.

GPS Tracking

Garmin inReach Messenger Device

GPS tracking is also included in the Garmin inReach Messenger with Garmin’s MapShare. You can embed your GPS coordinates in your messages, allowing you to share your location with others or track your own movements. This feature is particularly useful for hikers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts who need to navigate unfamiliar terrain.

SOS Functionality

Garmin inReach Messenger Device

In an emergency, the Garmin inReach Messenger includes an SOS button that can be used to call for help. When activated, the device will send a distress signal to Garmin ResponseSM, a 24/7-staffed emergency response coordination center. You can communicate with the response team via two-way messaging to provide additional information or updates.

Long Battery Life

Garmin inReach Messenger Device

With up to 28 days of charge in 10-minute tracking mode, the Garmin inReach Messenger has an incredibly long battery life, allowing you to do what you love longer between recharges. The battery life alone makes this a reliable option for extended trips in remote areas.


Garmin inReach Messenger Device

The Garmin inReach Messenger is a versatile tool that can be used for a wide range of outdoor activities, from hiking and hunting to fishing and boating. Need a backup option in case your compatible smartphone battery dies? Just connect it to your phone for enough safety charge to send a custom text message from the inReach Messenger device via your phone’s touchscreen.

Don’t let the 3.1 inch x 2.5-inch size and 4 oz weight fool you. This device is tough, durable, impact-resistant, and water-rated to IPX7. You can get detailed weather updates and forecasts for your current location, waypoints, or other destinations using the device.

Wrap Up

Garmin inReach Messenger Device

For outdoor enthusiasts who venture into remote areas, the Garmin inReach Messenger provides peace of mind. The Garmin inReach Messenger’s SOS functionality, and long battery life delivers the confidence you need to stay in contact with loved ones and call for help if needed, no matter where your adventures take you.

Recommended Gear

What To Look For In A Spotting Scope

When hunting for whitetail or other big game in western states, having the right equipment can essential for a successful trip. One important piece of equipment that many hunters overlook is the spotting scope. These can be a game-changer when locating and tracking game, especially at long distances. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the best one for your hunting needs? Here are some factors to consider when making your selection.


magnification dial of a spotting scope
The right magnification will help spot even the most subtle detail.

One of the most important factor to consider when choosing a spotting scope is the magnification. You want to be able to clearly see your target, even at a variety of distances. However, higher magnification doesn’t always equal better performance. A magnification range of 20-60x is a good range to look for, as it allows for a wide range of viewing distances.

Best Objective Lens Size

Hunter looking through a spotting scope
Larger optical lenses will provide a bright and clear image during low light situations.

Another important factor to consider is the size of the objective lens. The larger the lens, the more light it can gather, which will provide a brighter and clearer image, especially during low light hours. However, larger lenses also mean a heavier and bulkier scope. A lens size of 60-80mm is a good range to consider, as it strikes a balance between brightness and portability.


Hunter looking through spotting scope
From the range to the field you want a scope that can handle anything!

Hunting can be a rugged and demanding activity, so you want a spotting scope that can withstand the elements. Look for a scope that is waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof. Additionally, scopes with rubber armor or other protective coatings will be more resistant to damage.

Size and Weight

Cabela's Intensity HD Spotting Scope
Cabela’s Intensity HD Spotting Scope is fogproof and waterproof

While you want a spotting scope that is durable, you also want one that is lightweight and easy to carry. Compact and lightweight is ideal for hunters who will be hiking long distances to their hunting spots. Look for a scope that is less than 2.5 pounds and less than 14 inches long.


Spotting Scope
Cabela’s Intensity HD Spotting Scope

Spotting scopes can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. While you don’t necessarily need to spend top dollar to get a quality scope, you do get what you pay for. Higher-end scopes will generally have better optics, better durability, and more features. However, if you’re just starting out or have a limited budget, there are still plenty of good options available in the $300-$500 range.

To wrap up,  when choosing a spotting scope for hunting, you want to consider factors such as magnification, objective lens size, durability, size and weight, and price. By finding a scope that balances these factors to fit your specific needs and budget, you’ll be better equipped to locate and track your game, leading to a more successful hunting trip.

Recommended Gear

Bullseye's Spotting Scope Camera

The Bullseye Spotting Scope Camera

A spotting scope is essential hardware for quickly zeroing a rifle or for locating and identifying game animals at extreme distances. But looking through a spotting scope for long durations can be a terrible strain on your eyes and neck. Now, Bullseye Camera Systems by SME solves these problems with the all-new Bullseye Spotting Scope Camera.

The Bullseye Spotting Scope Camera

Bullseye’s Spotting Scope Camera

The Spotting Scope Camera is designed to be a universal fit for standard spotting scopes courtesy of a simple and adjustable universal mount. Suitable for straight or angled spotting scope configurations, the Spotting Scope Camera secures easily to the eyepiece and in perfect alignment with the exit pupil. This system eliminates the hassle of camera alignment, such as when using complicated cell phone adapters.

The Bullseye Spotting Scope Camera

Spotting Scope Camera secures easily to the eyepiece and in perfect alignment with the exit pupil.

Once installed onto the optic, the Spotting Scope Camera sends a live view direct to your mobile device by way of the Bullseye Target Manager App. Boasting a 150-foot Wi-Fi range, the 1080p @15 fps live view can also be used to capture images and video. This makes it easy to monitor and record point-of-impact at distant targets and to capture the excitement of the hunt for social media content, inventory game during pre-season scouting, or simply recording events for posterity — all without suffering from “spotting scope fatigue.”

The Spotting Scope Camera is powered by a USB rechargeable battery with a generous six-hours of operational use between charges.

For more info on this and other innovative shooting products from SME, visit

About GSM Outdoors:

Few American outdoor companies enjoy a mutually respected relationship with their customers that spans over five generations. GSM Outdoors is among those few! For over 70 years, the GSM family of brands has been helping passionate hunters and shooters succeed through innovation and the manufacture of high-quality, reliable products that continue to prove themselves in the field and on the range to this day. GSM Outdoors continues to leverage the latest technology and provide customers with the best products on the market. Tradition, heritage, and loyalty to outdoor enthusiasts of generations past and generations to come…that’s the GSM Outdoors guarantee!