About DeerGearTV

We love deer hunting and the gear, tactics, strategies and stories involved with deer hunting!   Cabela’s DeerGearTV offers a wide range of assets to share our love of whitetail hunting from a nationally televised series, website and several social media platforms.   Every day you’ll see something from the DeerGearTV team that highlights whitetail hunting and the gear associated with it .  For those of you that share that addiction and passion you’ll see a diverse range of products used, reviewed, and put to the test.This unique property allows manufacturers, industry personnel, and experts to provide their own personalized messages and demonstrations of their products and services as well as have others put it to the test.  In addition to all the gear featured within each episode, viewers are also treated to messages about how to get the most out of their hunting locations with tips on whitetail management, creating food plots, herd management, proper conservation and more!

About CarecoTV:
The Parent behind Cabela’s Deer Gear TV
CarecoTV has a rich history of developing highly effective, industry specific marketing programs for a diverse collection of clients ranging from small start-up companies to Fortune 500 companies. By providing dynamic outdoor programming to networks including NBC Sports Outdoors, FOX Sports Net, and other national and regional networks, CarecoTV positions clients to outperform the competition. CarecoTV owns and produces an impressive collection of instructional outdoor television programs including Americana Outdoors, Yamaha’s Whitetail Diaries, Cabela’s Fisherman’s Handbook, Cabela’s Collegiate Bass Fishing  Series, Hunter’s Handbook, Cabela’s IFA Redfish Tour, Fishing Texas, Chronicles of the Hunt, and Deer Gear. Additional services provided include high-definition video production, multiplatform advertising, airtime acquisition, event promotion and editing. With such a comprehensive offering of programming, networks and services, CarecoTV is uniquely equipped to assist its clients with accomplishing their marketing goals.