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Conquest Scents Heat Seeker

Conquest Scents presents the Heat Seeker. THE RUT KICKS IN WHEN THE DOES GO INTO HEAT! Finally, there is a reliable way to determine if does are in heat and the rut is on. Science teams up with Nature, thanks to our unique solution that detects airborne estrus pheromones! Quick and Easy! STEP 1 – […]

Bubba Blade™ 4″ Gut Hook Featuring Mossy Oak® Break-Up Country®

5″ Famous Bubba Blade™ handle provides ultimate knife control and features Mossy Oak® Break-Up Country® Synthetic sheath featuring Mossy Oak® Break-Up Country® 4″ high-carbon, stainless steel blade with gut hook Orange thumb and finger pads Full tang construction Trigger Grip lets you put some heat on the knife when needed Safety guards for protection Rockwell […]

TenPoint Omni Brite 2.0 Nocks

Regardless of which arrow you shoot, you no longer need to choose between moon, capture, or flat nocks. TenPoint’s patented all-purpose Omni-Nock™ and its NEW 2014 patent-pending lighted version, the Omni-Brite™ Lighted Nock System, make these special-purpose nocks obsolete. The Omni-Nock and Omni-Brite designs each feature six micro-grooves that form three bowstring channels which eliminate the indexing problem associated with moon […]

GrovTec Company Spotlight

Bob Grover started working for Michaels of Oregon in 1987. If that company name does not mean anything to you then certainly Uncle Mikes, Hoppe’s, Butler Creek, and Stoney Point should ring a bell. Michaels of Oregon was founded in Oregon in 1947. In 2005 Bushnell purchased Michaels and shifted most of the production offshore. […]

Crossbow Maintenance

Here are some tips from TenPoint Crossbows on maintaining your crossbow: How often should I lube the rail on my crossbow? You should lube your rail approximately every 75-100 shots under normal conditions. Applying too much lube can cause excessive wear on your string’s center serving and it will also cause your ACUdraw felt pad […]

Hunting from a Portable Pop Up Blind

By Wade Middleton When you read the definition of a blind you find words like conceal, hide and being able to conceal one’s intentions. For me that last one really rings true when it comes to what I think a pop up blind is used for in regard to hiding my intentions to be able […]

Texas Whitetail Hunt Sweepstakes

Follow the steps below for your chance to win the Performance Center® – Texas Whitetail Hunt Sweepstakes. Now until October 30th, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. (EST). HOW TO ENTER: LIKE PERFORMANCE CENTER ON FACEBOOK. SHARE THE PERFORMANCE CENTER WHITETAIL HUNT SWEEPSTAKES POST ON FACEBOOK ENTER THE FORM: https://experiences.wyng.com/campaign/?experience=594a832423847f5309fadadc  NO PURCHASE, PAYMENT OR OTHER CONSIDERATION IS NECESSARY TO […]

Walker’s – Silencer Earbuds

  The Walker’s Silencer Earbuds have integrated Omni directional microphones that feature full dynamic range speakers that are designed to deliver a crisp clear sound. Along with the advanced technology,  The Walker’s Silencer Earbuds provide a comfort level above and beyond similar products by incorporating a patented Secure Fit system. “Right out of the package […]