Crossbow Maintenance

Practice makes perfect!

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Here are some tips from TenPoint Crossbows on maintaining your crossbow:

How often should I lube the rail on my crossbow?

You should lube your rail approximately every 75-100 shots under normal conditions. Applying too much lube can cause excessive wear on your string’s center serving and it will also cause your ACUdraw felt pad to fall off (if your crossbow is equipped with an ACUdraw unit). You should also lube your rail after you have gotten your crossbow wet – dry it thoroughly first, then reapply a fresh coat of rail lube. After approximately one hour after application, the rail lube will dry to a thin glaze.

Can I use a vaseline-like substance on my TenPoint crossbow rail instead of an oil-based rail lube?

Definitely NOT, unless you want to send your crossbow back to our Warranty/Repair Department for a good cleaning. The vaseline-like substances will build up in your trigger box and they also collect dirt. The result is normally the inability to cock your crossbow

I just purchased a TenPoint crossbow, should I loosen or let down the tension on my limbs in the off season to prevent my string & cables from stretching?

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies does not recommend loosening or letting down the tension on limbs in the off season. There is no way to let off enough tension on your string & cables to keep them from stretching. Also, you can end up doing damage to your limbs if not properly tightened before shooting and your crossbow performance will probably suffer.

What type of hard case do you recommend for my crossbow?

TenPoint recommends the Americase AT-EC-36135 Breakdown Crossbow Case. The AT-EC Breakdown Crossbow case is ready for travel and contains a foam insert in the base and a removable hard foam shelf. TenPoint suggests that you put the stock, quiver, and bolts in the bottom and the bow and foot stirrup into the shelf.


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