Hunting Whitetail with the Trijicon Huron Riflescope

My thoughts on the Trijicon Huron Riflescope

by Wade Middleton

In deer hunting, many hunters will have a day when they’re going to be let down by the quality of their riflescope. It happened to me when I was younger. Now that I’m older I’ve heard these same comments time and time again from other people, “I just couldn’t see him.”, “My scope was fogged up…”, “It was late, and the buck was in the shadows.” Sound familiar?

The next comment is almost always… “I knew I needed a better scope, but I wanted to save a few dollars and thought this one looked good when I looked through it while I was inside the store. In most cases, the buck that got away because you couldn’t see it could have been avoided with a better riflescope.

When it comes to shopping for riflescopes, this is one of those times you need to spend more on and not less. Far too many of us go grab a rifle, throw a cheap scope on there, and don’t pay attention to the scope mounts, the quality of the lens, how well the scope is built or how it’s going to perform in low light situations. This can all be avoided if you will take a bit of time and think about the next few paragraphs and keep in mind the following:

– The clarity and ability to gather light in low light and rainy situations

– How fast can you acquire the target through the scope

– What crosshair pattern fits your style


Huron Riflescope

Hunt with confidence at extended range with the Trijicon Huron® 3-12×40 riflescope

The clarity factor when it comes to optics is such a big deal. During low light situations, what is happening a lot when you’re hunting is that light is not your friend. Since deer tend to move at dawn and dusk, or in really bad rainy/nasty conditions, it’s not going to be sunny and bright outside. So because of that, the light gathering capability of a riflescope is something that is a huge factor between different brands. When you go into your local Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s, and lift a riflescope up to take a look at all the great mounts on the wall (that are in a well-lit building) of course almost all scopes are going to look good! But when you can get outside at dawn or dusk and in different lighting conditions, those riflescopes that were crystal clear and bright in the store are not going to look the same. Therefore you’ve got to take them out in the field and test them (and then return it if you’re not satisfied) or do a lot of research on which ones will perform in those situations.

When you look at the Trijicon lineup of optics from top to bottom, the quality of their optics is something that’s going to be high in quality and built tough. Trijicon’s products like their riflescopes can last in the field in all elements whether it’s snow, high heat, low light, and rough conditions, and even those times where you might be banging your gear around. The components, the clarity, and the elements in Trijicon’s multi-coated lenses are going to make a big difference when it comes to those first five or last five minutes of light when you’re out there trying to identify the target to put the crosshairs where it matters.


Hunter with Deer and Huron Riflescope

Wade knocked down this Texas Hill Country buck with his T/C Compass II and Trijicon Huron Setup

I’d like to share my thoughts on something that’s not talked about enough, and that’s rapid target acquisition. Many new hunters will crank up their scope’s magnification far too much and in turn, cannot find the vitals and hold the crosshairs on them consistently.This is where understanding your scope’s magnification and when to adjust the magnification in different hunting situations is key.

Having that ability is something that Trijicon really takes a lot of pride in. If you grab some scopes, it’s kind of a battle to adjust them. You can feel the movements are tough and jerky. I suggest you try something like the Trijicon Huron scope lineup that Trijicon has designed for whitetail hunters. It has the magnifications in three different choices to help you as well as having that smooth adjustment between magnification ranges on each model.


Huron Riflescope Reticle

The BDC Hunter Holds reticle found on the Huron Riflescope will get you on target quickly and accommodates the most popular hunting cartridges.

There are a lot of options when it comes to crosshairs in today’s world for rifle scopes, to the point where it can almost be overwhelming. Trijicon is a leader in giving you a multitude of options when it comes to finding the crosshair pattern that you’re the most confident in. Me personally, I’m a traditionalist. I go back to when I was learning how to shoot an old BB gun with a cheap 3×9 scope and that’s what I’ve trained my eye on. Now some incredible things are built into a lot of these new scopes right now to give you better aiming points, but I like a traditional look. Other people may like something totally different and that’s what’s cool about the Huron riflescope lineup, there are so many options within that lineup designed to help whitetail hunters find that crosshair that they personally are going to like the most.

So when you start looking at different options out there for riflescopes, the Trijicon Huron riflescope whitetail lineup exists because it’s going to allow you to find what fits you. Are you a guy hunting in the thick woods? Are you hunting out West? Are you hunting off the side of a mountain? In a box blind? Regardless of where you are hunting, you want to take the information from this article, understand it, and use that data to make the best choice possible when it comes to your scope.