Hunting with the Thompson/Center Compass II Rifle

By Wade Middleton

Today on Cabela’s Deer Gear TV, we debut the new Thompson/Center Compass II Rifle, take an in-depth look at all the features packed into it, and we showcase our experience with it in the field.


The Thompson/Center Compass lineup of rifles, you know, I’m going flashback to when they first came out. You were looking at a model that hit the streets with a great price point, with phenomenal features right out of the box. It was designed to provide, one-inch grooves at 100 yards with good ammunition right when you got it. The original Thompson/Center Compass came fixed with Weaver mounts so you can mount your scopes very easily and without spending a ton of time worrying about it. You could easily tell with the three-position safety when it’s all the way back that bolt’s locked and not going to move for carrying and moving to and from your stand. The middle position of the safety is your safety position, and all the way forward that’s your fire. The Thompson/Center Compass also came with a flush mount rotary magazine, that’s easy to load, slaps right in, holds four to five rounds depending on the caliber that you’re dealing with and comes factory-direct with the ability to thread a suppressor on the muzzle.

Now when you flash forward to the Thompson/Center Compass II Bolt-Action Rifle, you’re basically adding a trigger to an already proven performer at an affordable price that’s going to be in the three to four-pound range of pull, what that gives you is a crisp, easy trigger action that is going to help improve your accuracy even more! You’re not going to feel that long pull that you find in a lot of rifle models out there. I mean, it’s so sweet when you pull the trigger, you’re just going to want to shoot box after box through it.

Wade kneels next to his first harvest (a velvet whitetail) with the Thompson/Center Compass II

We’ve been field-testing the Thompson/Center Compass II for the last few months and when you look at the proven performer that the Thompson/Center Compass already is, at the price point that you can purchase it at, with the variety of calibers that it comes in, it’s a model of rifle that I think anybody that likes to hunt should put one of these into their safe, into their closet, wherever they’re going to store it, and then they’re going to want to get out in the field with, time and time again, because it’s going to perform in the rugged mountains, the flat deserts, cold weather, up in a deer stand, in a pop-up blind, it’s just a proven performer that’s accurate, dependable, rugged, and it’s not going to break the bank.