Conquest Scents Products Overview

Premium fiberglass “flow-through” replaceable wick allows more air flow, scent disbursement!

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ConQuest Scents is a family owned and operated genetic breeding whitetail farm, producing some of the largest bucks in North America. Doug Roberts, “The Deer Professor”, has been breeding top whitetail genetics for over 20 years. It was from the breeding program that the scent company evolved. From Artificially Inseminating the Does came the scent collection. There is no gimmick or hype, it is just real scent from real deer farmers. Our mission is to serve God, our family, our country, and our customers. We stand behind our products that are manufactured, packaged and shipped straight from our farm.

RuttingBuck™ is 100% urine collected from superior breeding bucks with high concentrations of testosterone

Works in sub-freezing temperatures!

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