Yamaha Pledges $500K, Urges All to Get Outdoors on September 24

Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative Celebrates National Public Lands Day and National Hunting and Fishing Day

Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, is encouraging people to get outside and enjoy the outdoors on Saturday, September 24, 2022, in honor of National Public Lands Day and National Hunting and Fishing Day (NHF Day). In recognition of these events, the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative (OAI) is renewing its annual pledge to commit $500,000 to organizations supporting access to land for outdoor recreation and encouraging applications for grants before the next quarterly deadline on September 30.

National Public Lands Day

A group of Yamaha Side-by-Sides gather in the mountains

National Public Lands Day is Sept. 24th

National Public Lands Day invites volunteers nationwide to help restore and preserve public lands – from national parks to local urban green spaces – directly aligning with Yamaha OAI’s goal of protecting public lands for outdoor recreation. To date, the Yamaha OAI program has contributed over $5 million in funding and equipment across more than 425 projects in the last 14 years to assist outdoor recreationists working to protect and improve access to public land and educate everyone on safe, sustainable recreational use. Yamaha OAI has proven to be the industry’s most reliable partner and a significant resource for those who depend on access to public land for work and play.

National Hunting and Fishing Day

Yamaha Side-by-Side in the woods

On the fourth Saturday of every September, NHF Day recognizes generations of sportsmen and women for their contributions to the conservation of our nation’s rich sporting heritage and natural resources.

Additionally, on September 24, National Hunting and Fishing Day is celebrating its 50th anniversary. NHF Day events are organized each year by Wonders of Wildlife to spread awareness of the conservation and economic benefits, as well as traditions and values of hunting and fishing. Yamaha OAI is a founding partner of Wonders of Wildlife’s Live It! program and a supporter of its efforts to expand NHF Day events across the country. These events play a significant role in expanding awareness of the issues facing public access and outdoor recreation, and the Live It! program supports local conservation groups wanting to host or enhance NHF Day events, but are limited in their resources.

Since access to public land is best protected by visitors’ responsible and sustainable practices, Yamaha OAI partners with Recreate Responsibly Coalition (RRC) on a variety of activities, including signage for land managers to educate visitors on appropriate, responsible use of trails and riding areas. Those interested in applying for the signs can simply complete a form at the following link:  Yamaha OAI / RRC Responsible Use Signage Request.


“Last year we made a commitment to grant half a million dollars to outdoor projects, and we’re proud to say we exceeded that goal,” said Steve Nessl, Yamaha’s Motorsports marketing manager. “Our lives are rooted in the outdoors and Yamaha’s direct and significant financial support of Wonders of Wildlife, Recreate Responsibly, and so many other outdoor organizations help make recreation on public lands possible. In celebration of National Hunting and Fishing Day and National Public Lands Day, we’re excited to renew our annual commitment to make a minimum of $500,000 available in 2022 to organizations who help create opportunities for outdoor recreation.”

Apply to the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative

Yamaha Side-By-Side going up a mountain

The Yamaha OAI program encourages riding clubs, land stewardship associations, and public land managers to work together with Yamaha dealers to identify projects and apply for support. Yamaha OAI is a one-stop resource for outdoor organizations seeking support for their next project. Visit YamahaOAI.com for application details, or examples of some typical projects the program supports for inspiration.

The application deadline for consideration in the third quarter of the 2022 funding cycle is September 30, 2022. Submission guidelines and an application for a Yamaha OAI grant are available at YamahaOAI.com. Connect with Yamaha on social media via @YamahaOutdoors or search any of the following hashtags on all platforms: #Yamaha #YamahaOAI #REALizeYourAdventure #ProvenOffRoad #AssembledInUSA

 About the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative

Since 2008, the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative has led the Powersports industry in supporting responsible access to our nation’s public lands for outdoor enthusiasts. With more than $5 million contributed to 425 projects across the country, Yamaha has directly and indirectly supported thousands of miles of motorized recreation trails, maintained and rehabilitated riding and hunting areas, improved staging areas, supplied agricultural organizations with essential OHV safety education, built bridges over fish-bearing streams, and partnered with local outdoor enthusiast communities across the country to improve access to public lands.

Each quarter, Yamaha accepts applications from nonprofit or tax-exempt organizations including OHV riding clubs and associations, national, state, and local public land-use agencies, outdoor enthusiast associations, and land conservation groups with an interest in protecting, improving, expanding, and/or maintaining access for safe, responsible, and sustainable public use.

Learn more about the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative

Updated guidelines, an application form, information, and news about the Outdoor Access Initiative are available at YamahaOAI.com. For specific questions about the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative, call the dedicated hotline at 1-877-OHV-TRAIL (877-648-8724), email OHVAccess@Yamaha-Motor.com, or write to:


Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative

Yamaha Motor Corp., USA

3065 Chastain Meadows Parkway, Bldg. 100

Marietta, GA 30066

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Industry-First Double Barrel Air Archery Gun

The Umarex AirSaber Elite X2

by Wade Middleton

The Umarex AirSaber Elite X2

The Umarex AirSaber Elite X2

The Umarex AirSaber Elite X2 can expand your world and create more hunting opportunities. You can expand your seasons in some situations and for sure expand the experiences that you get to do while you are out in the field.

In the last 20 years, I’ve really tried to hunt with many different things and hunt different animals. The Umarex® AirSaber® Elite X2 will be a new notch in the belt. With the Umarex® AirSaber® Elite X2 you now have the ability to shoot one arrow and have a follow up shot ready to go. Equipped with a 240 cc onboard tank, the AirSaber Elite X2 will send 25 shots from its barrels at big game lethal velocity. The first five shots will all launch above 450 FPS and 130 ft-lbs. of energy. Accessing the second shot just requires the press of a push-through barrel selector.

With ammo prices and availability being what they are these days, air gun hunting is starting to gain traction. With that in mind, this is not going to be something that many people are familiar with. So, when you open the box, you should first locate and read the instructions making sure you follow all their steps precisely. Then getting all dialed in at the range will be a lot of fun.

Adapta Point Technology Accepts Most Broadheads

The Umarex AirSaber Elite X2 comes with 3 AirSaber Arrows with 100 grain field tips. Made exclusively for the Umarex AirSaber, these carbon-fiber arrows feature Straight Flight Technology that can withstand the extreme pressure created by the hard-hitting AirSaber. The arrow itself weighs 276 grains and the included field tip weighs 376 grains. When we take this out into the field, we’ll switch out the field points for the BlackOut Toxik Fixed-Blade Broadhead. These Toxik broadheads have proven be devastating to drive through whitetail, hogs, or whatever might appear during our hunt.  You also can shoot a variety of mechanical broadheads as well.

The scope that comes in the box is an Axeon 4×32 Scope. This scope works just like any rifle scope you have used and is specifically designed to work with the Umarex AirSaber.

The Umarex ReadyAir can handle fills in minutes up to 4,500 PSI to keep hard-hitting big bores and air archery rifles like the Umarex AirSaber flinging arrows with authority.

My first impressions of the Umarex AirSaber Elite X2 is that it has a very unique and modern design. After building it out and filling it up with the Umarex ReadyAir, it took maybe about 8-10 shots for us to be dialed in and confident to take it into the field. The X2 features very, very, very low recoil. It’s not very loud for people that are sensitive to loud noises. Some people fear the recoil from a big high-powered rifle. Some people do not like the BANG. So shooting an air gun like this would be a great introductory tool to hunting or target shooting.

There is a lot of exciting things to be able to play with when you get into the hunting and shooting sports world. There is so many different means and methods that are legal depending on where you hunt. I always tell people to check their local regulations on where you are hunting and what you’re hunting with.