Garmin Handhelds Help Get You to Your Stand

When it comes to actually getting to your stand in the dark, there’s not a hunter in the world that hasn’t gotten a bit turned around when heading off in the morning to a new stand. That’s where something like a Garmin handheld GPS, can show you the way.

GPSMAP® 66i – GPS Handheld and Satellite Communicator

“It’s very simple to be able to use a Garmin handheld GPS like this, here’s my stand and here’s where I’m going. I’d like to say I’m perfect, and I’ve been to a lot of places,  but I have the fog, the darkness, everything looks different. You think about doing something like this and knowing exactly where to park. Then I can mark where my stand is as well.  Aim it and navigate right to it, same situation. It’s just easy to make that mistake of walking. And that’s why I use handheld GPS on the way in and out of a hunting spot.” – Wade Middleton