Cabela’s DeerGearTV is the made for all those who love deer hunting! This nationally televised series looks at the gear, tactics, strategies, and stories involved with deer hunting. The team at DeerGearTV share the passion and addiction to explore a diverse range of products used, reviewed, and put to the test. Check out the show and you’ll see a wide range of the latest products for deer hunting. This unique property allows manufacturers, industry personnel, and experts to provide their own personalized messages and demonstrations of their products and services as well as what others have tested in the field. With deer hunting gear reviews, whitetail management tips, herd management, advice on food plots, conservation, and so much more, check out DeerGearTV for all the latest gear, news, and information.

Passing on the Traditions

By Haley Rivera Working in the family business and seeing all the hunts our clients go on finally gave me the hunting bug. I was able to go on my first hunt with my mom and Wade last year in hopes of my first hog. While the experience was wonderful with being out in nature […]

Locate and Harvest the Dominant Buck in Your Area!

ConQuest Scents 4 N 1 ScrapeMaker Tool   The ScrapeMaker is a tool specifically designed to help you communicate with Whitetail Deer. The ScrapeMaker can make authentic licking limbs, realistic mock rubs, and a scrape that looks like a massive buck made it. By using the ScrapeMaker, you will be able to locate and harvest […]

Hunting with the Thompson/Center Compass II Rifle

By Wade Middleton Today on Cabela’s Deer Gear TV, we debut the new Thompson/Center Compass II Rifle, take an in-depth look at all the features packed into it, and we showcase our experience with it in the field.   The Thompson/Center Compass lineup of rifles, you know, I’m going flashback to when they first came […]

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