Smith and Wesson Performance Center Handgun Models


Handgun hunting popularity is on the rise.  Perhaps the rising popularity of handgun hunting for big game (spurred largely by the .44 Magnum years ago itself) generated newer and significantly more powerful revolver cartridges.  

Smith and Wesson  Performance Center Handgun models in .460 and .500 Magnum are the two most awe inspiring performance models out there.   The .460 is generally accepted as the flatter shooting of the two models giving it more appeal to handgun hunters shooting longer distances.  While the 500 S&W Magnum will produce almost 2600 ft.-lb. giving it a more powerful punch for all types of big game.
Personally when you shoot one of the bigger handguns you’ll be impressed with the power and you’ll appreciate why the weight and mass are there in the models that Smith and Wesson Performance Center has available for hunting. 

With practice and time on range shooting simulated hunting scenario’s you’ll be able to become very profiecnt in handgun shooter.  Many hunters use a mix of ways to sight in so I would recommend trying a mix of things to find out what suits you best.  I will say having watched some of the better handgun hunters in action it appears a sight with a red dot is favorite. 


As with anything you hunt with knowing yours and the weapons limitations will help ensure success.    We’ve seen game taken up to 200 yards with the .460 while seeing the incredible power of the .500 up close and personal when rattling in whitetail.  No matter which model you chose you’ll be impressed.

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